Photos & Video

Movie Poster

Click the thumbnail to download a desktop-sized (1920×10800) version of the poster.

Video Playlist

Here is the YouTube playlist of all videos we’ve released, including our holiday videos and special video invites.

The House in 1959

This is how the “Petrov Home” looked in 1959. Click the image for a larger version. The open window is Isaiah’s room.

Can you Survive the House? Can you Survive Closet Girl?

The Petrov Desktops

Here are some desktop-sized posters, one representing each Petrov, if you feel so inclined. Links below will let you download the full set in either full or wide screen format.

Download the set in WIDE SCREEN. Download the set in OLD STYLE FULL SCREEN.

Production Stills

Here’s a few still from Survive the House. If you’d like to see a few more, go on and visit our Facebook page which has about a dozen. Or, if you’re feeling lucky, you can gain access to a full set of 50 production stills by Surviving the House through the medium path to victory. Happy hunting.

Promo Pics

Meet the Petrov family. How many have killed you so far?

Mis En Scene

A few photos that aren’t actually production stills but come right out of the world of the Petrov family.

Behind the Scenes

Turns out producing Survive the House wasn’t all black and white.

By the way, we want your photos! Show us photos of a creepy house or environment that you know, of you wearing Survive the House merchandise, or even of you dressed up as one of the Petrovs. Post your photos to our Facebook page.