Can you Survive the House?

You have no choice but to go inside but once you’re inside – that’s completely up to you.

Survive the House is an interactive movie where you make the choices that decide your fate. Search this room or that? Let the witch cast a spell on you or run? Hug the pretty girl covered in blood or leave well enough alone? The choices you make will lead you to one of twenty-nine (29!) possible outcomes. Three in which you survive, twenty-six where…

Can you make the right choices? Can you find all the endings?  Can you Survive the House?

Click to play.

“First I became a squirrel and died. Then I ran away from Sally and died. I married sally and died. Then I gave the closet girl the knife and died. Then I escaped because the three crazy people were arguing! FUN!”

“i had a blast at playing this, took me 2 hours but i got all the main endings :) this was awesome, make more!!! (please)”

“Woah that took about 2 hours. O_O And I’ve only gotten 2 endings where I survive. :l There’s so many I’ma have to try again tomorrow.”

“Seriously my favorite thing on youtube. Part Night Trap, part House of 1000 corpses(but good).”